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Absofuckinglutely pathetic. In some jankass alternative universe, where ZombieHitler won World War 4, and Halliburton had a top executive in the White House, Drew Magary got on a cooking show and WON and somehow THAT IS OUR REALITY. You heard me right. This pustule stained hyenarse managed to defeat people a million times more qualified than him to boil water, and won $10,000. Sure, he’s donating it to charity, but the utter gall of it. There are people out there who legit know how to cook. There are people out there who slave over a hot stove, shaving garlic slices until you could read the Magna Carta through the translucent allium before rendering those ephemeral slices into an aioli that would make Caesar cry, who deserve to be in front of your unwashed faces as you shove down another Hungry Man triple pack beef stroganoff before falling asleep in your sweat stained recliner, and yet DREW EFFING MAGARY HAS TAKEN THEIR PLACE. I say, we can be better than this, America. I say that we can

managed by the RCMP and a joint management team consisting of the Vancouver Police Department and the RCMP. This
Wholesale jerseys program is funded by the Civil Forfeiture Office within the BC government. On February 15, 2012, the Government of BC, the RCMP, all BC Municipal Police Agencies, and the BC Sheriff Services signed a Memorandum of Understanding which led to the establishment of a protocol governing the program. to London, Ontario. to Winnipeg, Manitoba. His warrants were for Sexual Assault and Sexual Interference. to Hamilton, Ontario. to North Battleford, Saskatchewan. His warrants included three counts of Assault Police Officer, Possession of a Weapon, Assault, Utter Threats and Resist Arrest. He has been remanded in custody and will be transported to Vermillion, Alberta on August 2, 2013. His warrants are for Mischief, Uttering Threats, Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle, Fleeing from
Wholesale jerseys Police in a Motor Vehicle and Impaired Driving. He also has outstanding warrants from Grande Prairie,

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